Boira Experience SCP, NIF: J25764697, are as follows:


1.- For the rental, the client must provide their DNI, passport or any type of documentation of identity. In addition, an amount of € 50 in cash will be used as a deposit, and will be returned at the end of the rental, unless an incident occurs during the rental period and requires some type of payment by the customer.


2.- Upon signing the paper contract, the customer must accept all the Terms and Conditions of the contract reflected here. It will be mandatory to sign the contract to be able to use the bicycles.


3.- In order to rent a bicycle to children under 18, it will be with the consent of their Father, Mother, Guardian or Legal Guardian, who will have to sign a contract where he or she is responsible for any action taken by the child in the use , care and damage caused to the bike.


4.- The bicycles will be collected and delivered within the time agreed between the client and Boira Experience. Bicycles delivered outside the agreed time without justified notice will incur an increase in price depending on the time of delay, as this may result in the loss of service for other customers.


5.- Once the rental has been completed by the customer, the Boira Experience operators will check both the bicycles and the components to check that everything is in perfect condition.


6.- The bicycles will be checked by qualified Boira Experience staff, guaranteeing the perfect operation of all their bicycles.



7.- To book a bicycle you need confirmation with Boira Experience, this confirmation will be effective with the payment of a deposit through BIZUM by the customer, which will be deducted from the total rent on the day of delivery of the bike. The deposit agreed upon, according to the number of bicycles and time of the rental, will be managed by Boira Experience.

8.- Reservations can be made by phone at 657 47 23 45



09.- Payment of the reservation can be made by BIZUM or in cash.


10.- The total payment of the rent will be made upon delivery of the bicycle. Bicycles may not be withdrawn without the full payment and the previously agreed payment having been made.



11.- Boira Experience also has a guide service, which will not be included in the rental price. The guide service must be booked in advance, our guides are professionals with expert knowledge of the area. The guide service will be paid separately from the rental service.



12.- For any cancellation, the customer must inform in advance. If the cancellation is made within 7 days prior to contracting, you can recover 50% of the reservation, if it is made within 15 days before the agreed date, 30% of the reservation will be returned, with 30 days in advance the customer will be entitled to a refund of 100% of the price of the reservation.


13.- The return of bicycles before the contracted date, due to illness, accident, weather problems, etc., does not oblige Boira Experience to refund any amount.


14.- Boira Experience is not responsible for the weather, so it will not be possible to change booking dates, unless the new requested date is free and there is availability of bikes booked in advance.



15.- Boira Experience has a liability insurance included in the price of the bicycles, but Boira Experience is not responsible for any damage, injury or problems suffered by the customer, or to third parties during the rental period.


16.- Any damage caused by misuse, neglect or failing of the bicycle and the components and accessories borrowed or rented, such as pump, repair kit, pedals, etc. must be paid by the customer, according to current rates.


17.- The customer is responsible for storing the bike in a safe and well-guarded place. Theft or loss of the bike is the responsibility of the customer, who must pay the full price of the bike and all its components and accessories, according to current rates.


18.- The customer is responsible for responsible driving and respecting the traffic laws in our country.


19.- This contract is governed by Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction will be exclusively Lleida, in the province of Lleida, Catalonia, Spain.

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