Difficult (29 km)

Total distance: 28,31 km

Positive cumulative gradient:  512m+

Starting point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Arrival point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Maximmum height: 675 m

Minimum height: 443 m 

POI: Mirador Mas Blanc/Mirador Garrigues/Bassa 7 noguers/Fontfreda/Reboll Engràcia/Carreró racó del Paulet/Carreró de la Cirera

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Total distance: 25831 m
Max elevation: 675 m
Min elevation: 443 m
Total climbing: 1529 m
Total descent: -1530 m
Total time: 01:09:08

Fulleda Turisme Actiu offeres you the mountain bike route: SANT BONIFACI. A route available in 3 distances classified as easy, moderate and difficult.

This route is classified as difficult and has a distance of 29 kilometres. It has a positive accumulated gradient of 512 m. A route suitable for cyclists looking for a great time out on the bike, with physical or technical requirement.

A perfect route for cyclists who have experience to mountain biking and / or who want to discover the surroundings of Fulleda in peace. A perfect route to do whilst enjoying the different views and various heritage elements on offer, such as shelters or vaulted cabins.

The route begins at Fulleda Village Hall with a small urban section passing by la Plaça del Ramon Santamaria and turning right towards Carrer del Raval, above the castle promenade. Here it turns to the left leading to the top of the Punta de l’Argelagar mountain range towards a shelter on the left. In the past, these shelters were used as protection from wind and rain, and were also used to store farmers’ tools and water. Just after the shelter we will turn left onto a section recovered by Fulleda Turisme Actiu. This will take us along the Punta de l’Argelagar to the Camí de la Coma de Sant Pere, a path that leads towards the bottom of Mas Blanc. Crossing it, we will turn left onto the Camí de les Portelles de Dalt, passing by another shelter on the right. We will continue on towards Camí de les Carreteres where we will turn left, passing by the hill at Mas Blanc, reaching the Mirador del Mas Blanc, a fantastic viewpoint to observe all the different Bertrans that make up this landscape. We will follow the Camí de les Carreteres along the side of the viewpoint of Les Garrigues until we reach Punta del Dugo, there we will go straight on the side of the Serra de les Navarres and following the Camí dels Putjos, we will pass by the Bassa dels 7 Noguers and we will follow the path that will take us to La Fontfreda. We will continue along a disused path that will take us to Reboll de l’Engràcia, passing through an alley. We will continue towards the bottom of the Assèguils and we will cross it by an estate that seems to be barren, we will begin an ascent towards the Solà del Coix that will take us by another alley to the lime kilns of the Gemini and the gravel pond, two known of the term of Tarrés. We will cross the LV-2012, we ask for caution in this section, and we will continue along the road from Tarrés to Senan until we find the access to the alley of Racó del Paulet, which will take us to the bottom of Les Granades. We will continue along the same path until we find the Cirera coast, once we have reached the top of the Sierra de les Auberedes, we will turn left where a few meters we will find the downhill alley of the Racó de la Costa de la Cirera, once below, it will allow us to cross the Fondo de les Auberedes, to take a paved path that will take you along the Comellar d’en Giner to Fulleda. Remember that before reaching Fulleda you will cross the LV2012 road, it is not a busy road, but we ask for caution.

A route fully recommended by Fulleda Turisme Actiu.