This series of mountain bike routes is called the Ermita de Sant Bonifaci. Hermitage that is in the municipality of Vinaixa, touching to the municipal term of the Omellons. It is traditional to celebrate the feast of St. Boniface on the first weekend in May, where the joys of St. Boniface are sung to ask for water for Agriculture:

Since you are protective

glorious St. Boniface,

of Vinaixa and its neighborhood,

keep us  away from dryness

This hermitage is visited by a 33-kilometer route. This route passes entirely on wide roads and does not offer technical difficulty, although due to distance and unevenness it is demanding.

This series also consists of two routes of more than 14 and 29 kilometers. The 14 km route is listed as easy. The 29 km route is classified as difficult.

A discovery of a route that without any doubt we recommend from Fulleda Turisme Actiu.