Easy (9 km)

Total distance: 9 km

Positive cumulative gradient: 343 m+

Starting point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Arrival point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Maximum height: 595 m

Minimum height: 505 m 

Circular route: Yes

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Total distance: 9096 m
Max elevation: 595 m
Min elevation: 506 m
Total climbing: 342 m
Total descent: -342 m
Total time: 01:48:39

Fulleda Turisme Actiu shows you the route in the form of “family walking routes”: El reboll de l’Engràcia. Route with start and end in Fulleda and to continue clockwise.

The reboll (Quercus pyrenaica) is a tree that is found in more abundance in the village grove. We will visit one of them in the Tarrés area which has been named Engràcia. It is a majestic tree with a trunk diameter of between 5 and 6 metres. We recommend looking for a curious table that is located between the stones next to the tree. You will find this route / walk in 3 distances of 5, 7 and 9 kilometers, listed as easy.

The 9-kilometer route has an initial section of 100 meters that passes through the LV-2012 road, it is not a busy road but we recommend caution and respect for traffic rules- important to wear visible clothing. We then continue towards the Camí de Montblanc, heading towards the Plans de l’Arboç section, and passing the Serra del Penjat (639.6 m) on the left before reaching Fondo dels Masos. There, we continue along Camí dels Masos until finding the entrance to a disused path that we have nemed Camí Encantat. We will enter this 1-kilometer path that will take us to the Engràcia grove. We will continue towards Vall dels Cortals and turn right towards Fondo de la Planota, where we will pass by a dry-stone vaulted hut, typical of Les Garrigues. Then, we will continue towards the Fondo dels Pous and up towards a fairly steep slope until we reach Fulleda. A perfect route for those looking to spend a pleasant time discovering the peculiarities of the municipality of Fulleda and Les Garrigues.

This route is suitable for families, it is recommended to bring three-wheeled running carts or a backpack carrier where the little ones can rest. 10% of the roads on this route are paved and of the other 90%, 10% are roads that have been slightly damaged after the floods of October 2019.

A perfect opportunity to discover as a family the paths and valleys that make up the municipality of Fulleda.

A discovery of a route fully recommended by Fulleda Turisme Actiu.