Easy (6 km)

Total distance: 5.34 km

Positive cumulative gradient: 180 m+

Starting point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Arrival point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Maximum height: 604 m

Minimum height: 504 m

Circular route: Yes

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Total distance: 5613 m
Max elevation: 604 m
Min elevation: 498 m
Total climbing: 462 m
Total descent: -462 m
Total time: 01:11:02

Fulleda Turisme Actiu presents “La Font del Poble” from the series «walking routes – family ». A short 6 km route with an accumulated positive gradient of 167m. It is a circular route which starts and ends in Fulleda and is designed to be followed both clockwise and counter clockwise. Although this route is completely suitable for completing on foot, some sections are not suitable for bike. Therefore, we recommend against using bikes to complete the circuit.

This route, followed clockwise, will allow you to discover a network of paths, tracks and charming walkways around Fulleda. With a distance of 6km it is appropriate for all ages, however, we recommend avoiding the use of baby strollers as 90% of terrain is not suitable for wheeled vehicles.

This 6-kilometre route has an initial urban section inside the picturesque village of Fulleda, passing by Plaça de Ramon Santamaria to the right and going up through Carrer del Raval climbing the paved road to the top of the hill where the village water supply is located. We will continue left and turn right on a path which transforms into an off-road trail. At the end of this we will cross onto a new short path taking us to the road LV-2014. We will then cross the road carefully and continue straight. You will see here that the wide path turns to the left, as we continue along towards Comellar d’en Ratera until we see a stone hut with a fixed roof. Keeping to the right we leave the hut behind us, and turn right again following a path through an area of vegetation which was once a typical cultivation terrace common to the area. It is now a perfect place for watching and listening out for an array of biodiversity. An enjoyable and relaxing section of the route.

This path will lead us to find the old road from Fulleda to Senan. In our case we will follow a trail that crosses Fondo de les Auberedes. In the past this trail was used by the two traditional herders of the village to go between the towns and also to Font d’en Solà, a water source used when the town well was dry.

We will continue to the other end of the road and turn left until we find the entrance to the old horse path that will take us to the Font d’en Solà. This path was frequently used by the people of Fulleda to reach their crops that they had at the Fondo de Matallonga and also to go to the town of Senan. The first section would have been suitable for a cart, but as it becomes narrower this path would have been covered on horseback or by mule.

This path leads to Font d’en Solà. This spring is in the sunny part of the Fondo de l’Aubareda, hence its name, that is to say, the name of this spring does not come from anybody that was called Solà even though the personal pronoun used seems to indicate as such. The spring is already in documentation of the town dating from the 13th century, as there is talk of the Sierra del Font del Solà.

At the beginning of 2020, the team at Fulleda Turisme Actiu uncovered a large basin whose origin is still unknown. Everything suggests that all the basins of the fountain were connected to each other with a decanting system, thus trying to store as much water as possible from this fountain.

Leaving here, will continue on our way up a very rocky and stony section where we ask for caution. We will continue to the right along a path that will take us to the track at the top of Serra de les Auberedes going down again via Racó de la Costa de la Cirera trail. This trail was also recovered by the team at Fulleda Turisme Actiu. Once down the path, we cross the Fondo and the route continues straight towards Fulleda for a section with a steep but short climb. If you find this section difficult, we recommend turning left onto a paved track that will also take you to Fulleda.

We will go up to the right of the Comellar d’en Giner along a steep and stony but short path that will take us to Pinedeta del Po. We will follow the straight path until we reach the LV-2014 road. Crossing the road, we will enter Fulleda by the side of the statue of Augustine of Aragon towards our starting point.

This route is suitable for families, although there are some sections that are difficult to progress, especially if you go by cart. If you are looking for a route that is more “friendly” to carts or buggies, you could try the 10 km route of this same series, but keep in mind that city carts will not work for you. It is recommended not to drink water from springs, as these do not have adequate sanitation.

A perfect opportunity to discover some of the springs, paths, trails, horse paths and valleys that make up the municipality of Fulleda. A route that we at Fulleda Turisme Actiu fully recommends.