We present four routes with similar difficulties of 3, 6 and 10 kilometers in walking routes (family mode). The 3-kilometer route is 100% familiar and is suitable for high-wheelchair troleys, with only a difficult descent section (due to the stones we can find on the way) when leaving Fulleda and before reaching the Font del Poble. The 6-kilometer route can also be considered familiar where we can find some sections with very fun trails. This route also visits the Font d’en Solà, a curious and unique fountain, a magnificent place to stop to observe nature and the environment, with fantastic views of Fulleda. The 10-kilometer route travels entirely along a wide road, without single paths. It is the short route of one of the past editions of the Marxa Heroica, this one is also classified it as a family route.

With these routes you have a fantastic opportunity to discover the paths, trails and springs of the municipality of Fulleda, with the little ones with a family walk of 3 kilometers to those that are more demanding with a route of 15 kilometers that allows you to discover much of the municipality of Fulleda that you can find in this link.

A whole discovery of routes that without any doubt we recommend from Fulleda Turisme Actiu.