We present these routes in walking or family mode. Routes aimed at discovering the memory spaces that persist in the municipality of Fulleda and L’Espluga Calba. These spaces of democratic memory are part of the L-2 line of defense that the Republicans built during the summer and fall of 1938 to defend themselves from the invasion of the Francoist army, but which never entered. in action. In the case of Fulleda it is said that there were about 500 Francoist prisoners who worked on the construction of these trenches and machine gun nests and that all of them were housed in the village church.

These routes of different mileage and distances are designed to do with the whole family, but we must remember that Fulleda and Espluga Calba have a very irregular municipal term and that in addition the republican army was looking for high points and a little inaccessible for build these memory spaces.

These tours offer you a unique opportunity to discover unique alleys and much of these spaces of democratic memory that left us in this dark time of our history.

A whole discovery of routes that without any doubt we recommend from Fulleda Turisme Actiu.