Moderate (36 km)

Total distance: 36 km

Positive cumulative gradient: 800 m+

Starting point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Arrival point: Fulleda (in front of la Sala)

Maximum height: 672 m

Minimum height: 511 m 

Circular route: Yes

POI: Fulleda – Aixoplucs – Forns de calç – El reboll de l’Engràcia – Cisterna de la Ginera del Xifrenet – Bassa dels 7 noguers – la Fontfreda – Tarrés – Sender del racó de la costa de la Cirera – Carrerada de les Auberedes

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Total distance: 28460 m
Max elevation: 667 m
Min elevation: 408 m
Total climbing: 1138 m
Total descent: -1139 m
Total time: 04:25:37

Fulleda Turisme Actiu offers you this route in “BTT” mode: “La pedra calcaría” a moderate 36 km route with 800m of accumulated positive gradient. A circular route which starts and ends in Fulleda and is designed to follow anti counter-clockwise.

This route that is part of the series of routes named “La pedra calcària” and consists of 36 kilometres, allowing you to discover the surrounding area of Fulleda. This route also visits the municipality of Tarrés at kilometre 20. It is a route covered by 100% traversable trails and wide paths, a perfect route to do with a BTT bike or gravel bike.

The 36-kilometer route starts on Avenida de Agustina Zaragoza towards the square where the statue of Agustina de Aragón is located and the road is taken towards Tarrés, we ask for caution at this point. The road is followed for about 100 meters before turning right past Racó del Bolet. Here a monument is found commemorating the events of a fateful February 12, 1939, when five children between the ages of 12 and 16 died due to the explosion of an abandoned bomb box during the Civil War. We continue towards Camí de Montblanc, along Plans de l’Arborç. We head to the right along Serra del Penjat, passing by Pedrera del Palau. We continue straight on following the oil pipeline and turn right onto a path that will take us to the beginning of the route of the Tarrés lime kilns. We will go down a path finding a pine forest, holm oaks and also lime kilns and a dry-stone shelter. We will follow the route passing by Comes de Montgrat and follow the paths through this area, until we reach the route taking us to Fondo dels Masos. This trail is a bit tricky at first, so be careful. We cross Camí dels Masos and follow Mas de Martí along an abandoned path taking us to the back of Reboll de l’Engràcia. Here we can find a stone table next to this majestic tree. We will go down towards Fondo dels Masos and head up a path that will take us along Cisterna de la Ginera del Xifrenet, passing by the side of the Corregó, the Bassa dels Set Noguers, passing by the side of Era. Then we will take a path that will take us to La Fontfreda, a fantastic natural spring to visit.

We will follow the path of Masos along Fondo de les Comardivines towards Cirerets, passing by the side of a ridge and entering Vinaixa. This leads to a new path that will take us to the outskirts of Tarrés. We pass through the interior of the village and exit towards Fulleda, we turn left and take the path that will take lead towards Solà del Coix. Arriving at Solà del Coix, we will take another path that will lead to the Twin Ovens of Pla del Xato, two lime kilns set side-by-side. We will continue along Plans de Tarrés and go down the entirety of the Vilobí mountain range along a fantastic and fun path. After regrouping, we start the ascent of the Sierra again, alongside the windmills. We turn left at the Racó del Paulet heading towards the Margendom hut at Racó de les Argelagues Marines. Continuing along Camí de les Granades, we reach Costa de la Cirera which leads us towards Fondo de les Auberedes. We will start the ascent to Fulleda by the side of Comellar d’en Giner, passing alongside Pinedeta del Po. Once in Fulleda we will enter the village crossing Carrer de Montblanc. Please take caution at this point. We will end passing the church and down Carrer de la Costa to our starting point.

This route is perfect for people who prefer a slightly demanding activity, it is a route that covers many kilometers of traversable trails, icluding wide tracks and charming paths. In general, it is an easy progression terrain, perfect for a getaway with either your mountain bike or your gravel bike, perfect for discovering what Fulleda and its surroundings have to offer. A great opportunity to discover the paths and valleys that form the municipality of Fulleda.

This picturesque route is fully recommended by Fulleda Turisme Actiu.